Wonder Woman #42 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Jesus Merino
Colors by Romulo Fallardo Jr.

Okay, we’re back on track after being subjected to the awful clip show issue last fortnight. I really could not have taken another issue like that to be honest.

Jason is back this issue and more determined than ever to be a hero. He’s all decked out in his new costume and according to him, can now fly faster than Diana.

Jason recalls his first meeting with the Deep Six in this issue to Diana (who cares?), and his first meeting with Grail (I care), and why he chose to ally himself with her.

Diana and Jason head off this issue to face off with Grail as they hope to gather enough intel about what exactly Darkseid is up to and hopefully stop him. Suffice to say, big action sequences ensue and some secrets are spilled by Grail while under duress. Most of these so called revelations could have been inferred from the previous issues, but some explicit confirmation is nice.

Robinson’s story moves along well enough this issue, and there is a decent amount of Grail appearing to satisfy those of us who have been craving it because recently, she has been relegated to an on-set extra.

The art team of Jesus Merino and Romulo Fajardo Jr. do a great job with Jason’s depiction in his new hero outfit. Diana and Grail look fabulous, and the parademons that feature look great as well. This issue’s art overall is well polished, and you can tell that none of the pages were rushed as even the background elements of each panel are well rendered.

As Wonder Woman approaches issue #50, I really hope that we stay on point with the Darkseid arc, and that we are done with the detours as I don’t want any more readers turning away. Based on a lot of podcast review shows I listen to, most are indifferent to Robinson’s run since Greg Rucka handed over to him, so I really hope he can land a good punch soon.

7 out of 10

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