Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #39


Robert Venditti does a terrific job on this title. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has certainly been the most reliable comic in terms of quality of writing, story, and art. Sandoval, Tarragona, Morey, and Sharpe together bring Venditti’s words to life. The colors are so green and vibrant. They are also pleasantly accented by frequent pages of dark blues and grays when we see Zod’s panels. It gives a tangible feeling of energy while reading. I felt invigorated when reading/seeing the Lanterns prepare and make their move; Conversely, I felt a cold/dark sentiment during Zod’s panels. This is an exciting read! Venditti and his team continually knock it out of the park and for that they are my favorites in DC comics right now. Definitely include this in your pull for the week!

The Story

Hal is still imprisoned in a cell built to hold a Kryptonian. Zod visits him and they exchange difference of opinion. Hal tells Zod the Green Lanterns Corps will come and put him away forever in a sciencecell where he’ll never see the light of any sun ever again. In a surprisingly calm way, Zod explains to Hal what he’s lost, which is the planet Krypton. In his recollection of Krypton he explains some things about it that I found fascinating. Namely, “thought-beasts” dreaming in unison. What in the world would that look like? My imagination is going crazy with it. But I digress.

Meanwhile, Kyle is still wearing Hal’s ring and the willpower emanating from him is so great that John Stewart has put him in containment. Guy referred to him as the Energizer Lantern. Fitting, indeed. John and Guy ask why he’s wearing Hal’s ring and he iterates the whole story of what happened; revealing Zod as the one behind it. Guy wants the three of them to go in, rings blazing. Hal would do that for them. But John says that he needs to take this to the Guardians, he must give the new chain-of-command a chance. However, Hal’s ring is altering Kyle’s personality. He is expressing Hal’s mannerisms and he is super amped up. As John leaves, Guy of course begins to coerce Kyle into busting out of there to go save Hal.

The Guardians of the Galaxy wish to discuss a plan of action despite John urgently trying to convince them to send Lanterns now. They brush John off and say that they will send for him after they have assessed the situation and come to a decision. This is a vexing moment. But we have to give the Guardians a chance. Perhaps they know more than we think. As John leaves to resume his duties in frustration, he is joyful to see a group of Lanterns, assembled by Guy, flying away to go rescue Hal without permission. John simply says, “What took them so long?”

The fight between our team of Green Lanterns and Zod heats up as they arrive to rescue Hal. We will find out what happens next time in: Reunited (and it feels so good)!

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