Justice League #40 Review

Justice League #40

Written by: Christopher Priest
Art by: Pete Woods
Colored by: Chris Sotomayer

Spoilers ahead!

This story arc just keeps adding more and more wrinkles, and I love every bit of it. The League’s biggest fan doesn’t make a physical appearance in this issue, but apparently, he’s not the only member of the fan club. The Justice League’s “lawyer” from the last issue has sabotaged the Watchtower. Now that the fan has total control, he transports the Justice League and Batman’s B-team up into space. The Watchtower hurdles toward Earth, and the heroes have an important decision to make: who lives and who dies?

Tensions are already running high with some members thinking they should have done more to help the poorer citizens of Estes West Park from the last issue. That same theme carries over once they enter the Watchtower. Frost thinks it’s pretty obvious some heroes are disposable while others (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) should be protected at all costs. Cyborg finds a way to keep everyone alive… for now.

Priest is doing a bang-up job with this arc. He’s putting the League members in some interesting conundrums and asking important questions. It’s really fascinating to watch the most powerful people on the planet debate who is most disposable. He’s not pulling any punches, and even without the League’s biggest fan making a physical appearance, he’s a serious threat.

There are some fun beats in here, too. Like the Saul Goodman-esque lawyer offering to represent anyone hurt by the League or as a result of the League’s negligence. Granted, we don’t actually see the League safely land the Watchtower, so perhaps we’re in for a tragedy next time. But I doubt it.

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