Harley Quinn #39 Review

Harley Quinn #39

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Alex Sinclair with Jeremiah Skipper

Spoilers ahead!

We finally figure out what’s been up Harley Quinn’s butt for the last couple of issues. Turns out she’s been under the persuasion of a special serum that makes her susceptible to any suggestions. Hugo Strange and False Face coated a doll covered with the serum and gave it to Harley a couple issues prior. It’s not too dissimilar from a plot point in the last Batgirl issue, but let’s back up a bit.

There’s two great fight scenes in this issue. First up, we have King Shark taking on Killer Croc. Later Harley, who is still stretching herself far too thin, goes up against Mr. Zsasz. Quinn gets an assist from Red Tool who shows up just in the nick of time to throw a hammer.

Penguin’s plan is supposedly going just how he wants. Everyone who owns property on Coney Island wants to make him a deal, especially now that Harley is no longer Coney’s protector. It seems to me Penguin is taking on more than he can chew. Killer Croc is obviously a wild card, and Scarface and the Ventriloquist are off cavorting with mob bosses. It seems like everyone has their own agenda, and it’s all probably going to come to a head in the next issue or so.

It’s been a real treat seeing all these supervillains make New York their playground. Harley was certainly less of a player in her own issue than what we’re used to, but with her passing out at the end of her fight, I’d wager she should be back to normal next issue. All I really want to see is a showdown between Harley and Condiment King.

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