Gideon Falls #1 Review

Gideon Falls #1

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Steve Wands

It feels so good to see Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino working together again. They had a wonderful run on Green Arrow at DC and a spectacular run on Old Man Logan while at Marvel. When these two creators come together something special happens, and that trend will continue on Gideon Falls.  Gideon Falls is a horror comic that shines in its debut issue and introduces two very interesting characters in Father Fred Wilfred and a man named Norton.

Father Fred Wilfred seems to be a man that is always on the move.  When he is first introduced, he is being assigned to Gideon Falls because Father Tom Chasely has recently passed away.  As he is settling into Gideon Falls, he lets Gene, the co-chair of the parish council, know that he tends to move around a lot.  The reason for his move to Gideon Falls is a mystery, but hopefully that mystery will develop as the story moves along.  Father Fred also witnessed two things at the end of this issue that will certainly have readers coming back for the second issue.

Norton is an interesting character.  When he is introduced, he is seen rummaging through trash and collecting it.  There seems to be a method to his madness, but he seems to be the only one that thinks so.  His therapist, Dr. Xu, thinks it is just an obsession and should focus on getting better.  As the issue begins to wrap up though, there may more to his trash collecting than just a simple obsession.  These visions that he begins to have start with a black barn which is located at Gideon Falls, which is also where Father Fred has just been relocated.  It seems these two will be destined to meet and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino knocked this first issue out of the park.  At the end of the issue, Jeff Lemire acknowledges that he and Sorrentino just mesh well as storytellers and it shows in this issue.  It’s always nice to see Sorrentino’s art on the stands because it is uniquely beautiful and a plus to have colorist Dave Stewart is the cherry on top.  Father Fred and Norton already have me intrigued about who they are and can’t wait to learn more about them.  Father Fred seems to be this nomadic pastor and Norton may have a gift or a curse, so unraveling these two characters will only add to the horror element of this book.

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