Teen Titans #17 Review

Teen Titans #17

Written by Benjamin Percy
Pencils by Scott Eaton
Inks by Wayne Faucher and Color by Jim Charalampidis

The previous issue was a Starfire one-shot so there is no catch up required for this issue #17. All you need to know is that the Teen Titans need to vacate their watchtower because of the explosion caused by Superboy during the Super Sons of Tomorrow crossover event.

This issue is Beastboy focused and takes you into the mind of Garth and how he tries so hard to fit in to normal society even though he is far from that. The action picks up as Damian discovers that there is a school bus full of children that are in trouble as the Titans arrive just as it veers off the Golden Gate bridge. The circumstances surrounding the incident involve a boy being picked on who is then mind controlled into going over the edge as the Teen Titans work to discover the cause.

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The Teen Titans discover that the child who knocked out the bus driver and took the bus over the edge of the bridge was being controlled by a frontal lobe technology that is called Pixie. We discover later on in the story that the creator of Pixie is the woman who approaches Garth during a vulnerable time and promises that Pixie is the solution to all his problems.

Later on when the Teen Titans get the affected boy to the hospital to extract Pixie from his brain, Damian mentions to the team that this tech is highly dangerous and is referred to as bleeding edge technology because it has the potential to kill. The story ends with Garth nasally injecting Pixie and him proclaiming “Who needs the Titans when I have you”.


The story by Benjamin Percy is a relatively quick read and I had no problems with it except for how far advanced Damian’s suit detection system seems to be, it’s a little far fetched but I’ll go with it so as not to kill the story. This story should give DC readers a nice window into Percy’s writing style ahead of his upcoming run on Nightwing as Percy will be taking over from Sam Humphries in two months.

The art team of Scott Eaton, Wayne Faucher and Jim Charalampidis did a great job with this issue as every panel looks amazing and you can tell that no pages were rushed or were pushing a deadline. Kudos to them and hopefully we will have the same art team doing the last two issues of this series, as they are great.

Just in case, if you didn’t already know, Teen Titans has been cancelled and will end with issue #19, so enjoy it while you can if this is part of your monthly pull. DC is currently tight-lipped on when and what they will be doing with either Titans team or Super Sons when Bendis starts his Superman title takeover so hang in there and keep an eye on our news pages in the coming weeks for an announcement.

I could have possibly rated this issue higher if it wasn’t Garth focused, as he is nowhere near being a favorite as I find his shtick a little tiresome, but if he is one of your favorites then you will definitely like this issue.

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