Super Sons #13 The Parent Trap part one

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils by, Carlo Barberi

Inks by, Art Thibert

Colors by, Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by, Rob Leigh


Previously in Super Sons Issue #10, Batman and Superman provide the Super Sons with a secret headquarters and give them a connection to the Justice League computer. Damian is skeptical questioning his father’s intentions, and has an ungrateful attitude. Bruce informs Damian that he will be enrolled in a public school and that he is expected to have perfect attendance while being more diligent with his studies in the coming school year. Meanwhile, Jonathan is excited that he will both share a headquarters with and attend the same public school as Damian. Superman challenges Jonathan to be more focused on schoolwork and spend less time doing missions with Damian when school begins.

This issue begins. Jonathan is playing kick ball with his classmates before school, while Damian is arriving just before the bell rings in a private helicopter. Jonathan works hard to fit in while playing sports, not wanting others to be aware of his super powers. During recess, Jonathan plays soccer with friends and he falls to the ground after being checked by a peer rather than reveal his strength. Contrastly, Damian excels academically and has an attitude of superiority with classmates. After the soccer match, Jonathan confronts Damian stating, “Everyone here’s scared of you.” Damian replies, “Good.”

A twist occurs when Damian and Jonathan are confronted by Damian’s mother underneath the stadium. After a short skirmish, Damian’s mother gives him a League of Assassins uniform and informs him that he will be expected to participate in an important mission. She reminds Damian that she trained him and that he would be wasting his talents to be stuck in a school like this one doing trivial classork.

Later, while on a  mission organized by Damian, Jonathan confronts Damian on being a trained assassin and asks whether Damian has killed anyone. While on patrol they fight a group of  League of Assassins members. One submits to Damian, which raises Jonathan’s suspicions. He asks Daiman, “Who are you to them?” Before Damian can answer, he finds evidence that someone has put a hit on Jonathan’s mother and is trying to kill her.

Final Impressions:

This issues is beautifully drawn and colored. The bright blues and greens in the opening panels depicting the sports field sets a happy tone to the story. As far as character development, the dialogue between Damian and Jonathan continues the continuity set in previous issues. Damian is planning and leading; Jonathan is working hard to fit in. What this issue adds, and what is most entertaining, is Damian’s connection to the League of Assassins.

In addition, Jonathan becomes aware of Damian’s connection to the League and the possibility that Damian has murdered previously. This knowledge takes the relationship between the Super Sons deeper. Jonathan, who holds the value to protect human life and to never kill, now questions if Damian is a killer and wonders what else is Damian hiding? Damian’s secretive approach is well-documented in the Super Sons book. It will be interesting to see how Jonathan reacts to learning who Damian is and what he has done in his past.  

Overall 8.5

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