Justice League #39 Review

Justice League #39

Reviewed by: Mike Bedard
Script: Priest
Pencils & Inks: Ian Churchill
Colors: Alex Sollazzo


We see just how divided the League has become in the newest issue. If you were wondering what happened to Aquaman in the last issue, he’s in the desert. And the League’s biggest fan has talked Aquaman into believing his point of view.

Meanwhile, Cyborg goes to court to defend the League from people who think they should have more oversight in regard to how they allowed a nun to die on their watch. Batman is leading another team to save a town from toxic gas. The other members of the League head over to help out. One really neat touch in this issue is the use of Twitter comments to reveal how normal people are reacting to the League’s work. Everyone’s criticizing them for focusing on the wealthy residents of the city instead of the poorer neighborhood. There’s a beautiful page of three panels showcasing the economic and racial disparity at play, and it’s really something to behold.

When Cyborg goes down to help, his lawyer appears to use the opportunity by herself at the League Tower to get up to no good. It seems like a pretty major oversight. Cyborg had just met her in the courtroom (Shouldn’t everyone in the League know who the team’s lawyer is?), so it seems odd that he would just an unknown person at the tower. However, the League clearly isn’t making good decisions, considering they sent off both Green Lanterns before the gas attack came into play.

More interesting threads keep getting added to this storyline. I can’t wait to see how they all come together.

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