The Dark Knights Rising: Wild Hunt #1 Review

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1

Writers: Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Jake Tynion IV, & Joshua Williamson
Artists: Howard Porter, Jorge Jimenez, Doug Mahnke, & Jamie Mendoza
Colors: Hi-Fi, Alejandro Sanchez

Detective Chimp and a group of geniuses have gathered together to aid The Flash, Cyborg, and Raven in reaching the Hall of Heroes by using the Ultima Thule to travel through the Multiverse bleed (is that confusing enough?). But the Dark Knights are in pursuit of the heroes with sinister plans of their own.

If I had one word to describe this issue, it would be “INTENSE”! Scott Snyder and company once again bring their A game in the storytelling department with this Metal tie-in. Now, I will admit it did take me a few times reading this issue to grasp what this team of writers were presenting. I’m always kinda scared when a bunch of writers team up that readers will get lost in everyone putting their own spin on the story; but, once the story’s flow made sense to me, man what a story it became. Just a heads up: the part with Flash near the end is eye-opening (no spoilers you’ll have to buy the issue). Once again, Snyder and his team really have presented a story that seems predictable, and they completely take you in a different direction. Twists and turns and surprises out of left field are abundant in this story, and it will be sure to keep the reader on his or her seat until the unpredictable end.

Art wise, this was a very striking issue for me. Porter, Jimenez and the rest of the talented art team present the characters very well as far as color, expressions and overall look. Batman who Laughs continues to be the standout character in this entire story. It doesn’t matter who draws him and I know I’ve said this before but every time I see him he is just the most sinister, evil, nightmare of a villian I’ve ever seen. The light and dark contrasts that is in a bunch of the panels really do the story justice as this is a light vs dark story.

Overall this issue is intense and complex with plot twists and surprises you won’t expect married with art that stands out as some out best yet. The reader will be drawn into this issue very much and be clambering for more by the end.

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