Justice League #38 Review

Justice League #38

Reviewed by: Mike Bedard
Script: Priest
Pencils & Inks: Marco Santucci
Colors: Alex Sollazzo

The Justice League have been banished to various points on Earth after their super-fan teleports them away from a big fight. We don’t see the fan again this issue. Instead, the main driving crux is the Flash attempting to rescue someone on the LexCorp maintenance crew who was unable to dock the ship properly.

There’s no big battles here. Instead, we get a reflective issue about the current state of the League. The title of the issue is “Entropy,” which refers to a lack of predictability within a system. We see this concept at work when Flash races to bring the crew back to the Tower. Flash even admits himself there is no reason why his plan should work, and yet all predictability and order are thrown out the window.

We see this reflected once the League regroups at the Tower. Superman and Batman continue their falling out with Batman taking a leave of absence from the team. In his place, Batman appoints Cyborg. We also see what could be the beginning of a romance between Bruce Wayne and Jessica Cruz. In all respects to the issue, things are breaking down and getting complicated quickly. And I imagine things will only continue to fall apart in terms of the League’s dynamic in the issues to come.

With the super fan still on the run, we’ll certainly get plenty of action in the following issues. I enjoy taking a step back to focus on character development. This issue is almost certainly serving as a launch pad for fun to come.

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