Green Arrow #37 Review

Green Arrow #37

Written by Benjamin Percy
Artist & Cover Art, Juan Ferreyra
Letters by Deron Bennett

**WARNING! This review contains spoilers**

This issue begins immediately where we left off in issue #36: Emiko has been shot in the chest by Miora Queen. After a battle that didn’t quite end well for Miora or Shado, Team Arrow makes it out alive and Emiko is in recovery. As a small B-plot, we see Oliver’s lawyer, Kate Spencer, is not afraid to defend her son, or maybe has other secrets. Regardless, we see Oliver is ready to take on the courtroom with some cameos from the Justice League showing support.

This issue was good, a bit of a quick read though. Art was consistent for the most part. Ferreyra is not my first choice for Green Arrow, but he does give an excellent tone for the ending of this arc. His manner of facial expressions, especially anger, is great. Although Ferreyra’s art was good for the most part, it got a little weird when showing the Justice League panels. Batman’s cave was looming, which it always is, but showing The Flash was very weird. It looked off, not being able to really make out his character.

Percy’s writing was excellent for this story as well. He made great work with the evolution of Oliver Queen’s character that happened before this issue (read issues 26-31). Diggle is back with Team Arrow, which I’m glad Percy made happen so quickly. After everything that’s happened, you would think there will be something in the future that would bring back some harsh memories between Diggle and Queen. But with how Percy ended things, he gave Queen this forgiveness that you haven’t really seen from Oliver, really showing that he wants to change. There wasn’t really any closure or answers for Oliver when it came to his mother, but after all this time I couldn’t see there being any attempt at a relationship after this, because she turned out evil, and well, as far as we know, she’s dead.

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