Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #9

Action Comics #9

Cover Artist: Fred Guardineer
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artwork: Jo Shuster 

This issue is a direct follow on from issue 8, as the police hire a dodgy private detective with a sterling track record to help catch Superman for his previous wreckages. A reward of $5,000 is offered for the capture of Superman, so the detective cunningly offers to match it if someone alerts him of his whereabouts, as he plots to gyp them out of the money. In the midst of the arrest, the aspiring capturer finds a slip of paper belonging to Superman which exploits his whereabouts later that day. As a result, they call in the help of the local media to find out his true identity once and for all.

In the midst of the capture, the potential capturer finds a slip of paper belonging to Superman exploiting his whereabouts later that day, so he calls in the local media to help find out his true identity.

The storyline is quite comical and high-spirited in comparison to the previous issues, which is quite refreshing to read. There are a few amusing moments throughout, but my favourite is Clark Kent getting worried when the police start to search everyone, because he still has his Superman suit underneath his clothing. I also like that the story has Superman coming out on top of the those who doubt him in terms of his heroism and morals, it shows his true nature and that good will also persevere. With that said, there are aspects that I don’t like, and I’ve made this observation before… It’s nothing to do with the story, but more of the character. In this case Lois Lane, although her character is fierce (even in todays comic’s), she is so manipulative and cruel, and she does it to get ahead with either her career, or her relationship with Superman.

The panels are really easy to read, I think even more so than current comics and it flows perfectly and seamlessly into the next frame. There are some moments, whether it is hard to read the writing in the word balloons, I think this is because the speech is sometimes too lengthy and they tried to fit it all into one, so they have reduced the size of the writing in order to do so. The artwork is still minimalistic, but it does show small progress with the colouring and inking. There are still sometimes small details missing, mostly Superman’s logo when he is jumping into action.

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