Wonder Woman #39 Review

Wonder Woman #39

Written by James Robinson
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino and Carmen Carnero
Inks by Ray McCarthy and Carnero
Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

This issue picks up right after last issues’ Silver Swan reveal. Diana is trying her best to reason with Vanessa to explain why she couldn’t visit her in the hospital more often but Vanessa is not in the mood to listen. The nanites in Vanessa’s body have given her the ability to produce a sonic cry, much like Black Canary, and she is using it to keep Diana at bay.

Back at Diana’s apartment Jason is recounting his argument with her when breaking news on the TV announces that Diana is fighting a new villain and Jason decides that he must help her no matter what their differences are right now.

Most of the plot development for this issue occurs in the Amazon jungle inside an ancient temple as Darkseid and Grail discuss their next move now that he is restored to his former powerful self. In a plot line similar to the Justice League movie, Darkseid is attempting to harness the power of four artifacts and augment them for his own purpose. He does not trust a lot of people back on Apokolips to help him with this scheme however, so for the time being he is only entrusting his daughter and the Furies to help him to locate the artifacts. One of these artifacts is in a Turkish museum where Steve Trevor and his team are attempting to keep the Furies from securing it, but this is only shown as a single page tease and we don’t see the outcome of the battle.

Jason has now arrived on the scene and tells Diana that he is here to help her take down Silver Swan. He creates a super storm in an attempt to subdue Silver Swan but she cocoons herself within her wings and then strikes out at Jason, slicing his chest. Diana attacks in retaliation and severs one of Silver Swan’s wings, which causes a small eruption of energy. The issue ends on a cliffhanger as all three of them are hurtling towards the ground.

James Robinson’s story is not entirely fluid but it appears that he is trying to set up the next arc while still trying to complete the current Silver Swan arc. It’s a little bit of hit and miss as the fight between the Furies and ARGUS is cut off before it begins and it would have been better if these scenes with the Furies could unfold in issue #40 after next issue’s Swan conclusion. It’s quite exciting though for the Wonder Woman book to have such pivotal DCU characters included and while I am enjoying Silver Swan, I can’t wait for the book to switch back to the Darkseid and Grail storyline fulltime. Justice League: Darkseid War is one of my all-time favourite event arc so anytime I can get more of these two characters, I will bite your hand if it’s offered.

The art in this issue carries on from the Emanuela Lupacchino’s great beginning last issue and with Ray McCarthy and Carmen Carnero doing an equally great job on inks, this whole issue comes alive. Lupacchino was born to draw Wonder Woman and her depiction of Silver Swan is fantastic as she does a great job of making Vanessa look so crazed and psychotic. Darkseid, Grail and the Furies also look great and with so much action going on in this issue the whole art team deserves recognition for making such a visually stunning issue.

This issue provides a lot of clues about Darkseid and Grail’s plans while further developing the tension between Diana and Jason. While the story chops and changes a little abruptly, the magnificent art does not miss a beat.

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