Wild Storm #11 Review


Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colors by: Steve Buccellato

This month’s greatness from Ellis/Davis-Hunt and Co. has arrived in the form of Wild Storm #11. I’m beginning to run out of praise words for this series. If you, yes you right there in the cubicle not working, are not on the Storm train yet I don’t know how this review can help, but I guess I should try. Wild Storm is comic-booking at a high level, and this title joins the likes of Saga or the many works of Jeff Lemire, that might be taken for granted because it’s always so damn good.

In this issue, like all the previous chapters, we are given sci-fi tech + conspiracy + who the hell quite knows. The IO and Skywatch tensions are building and the storm is definitely getting closer. The art in the issue is not only brilliant, but contains lots of fun visuals (Wonder Woman blanket on the bed where Jenny Sparks and the Doctor wake) that balance the rather complex dialogue. There is a lot of flashback and terminology that reads as if we’re expected to follow, even if it is difficult to parse out the meaning. Again, multiple readings are probably warranted for this chapter.

Skywatch’s Henry Bendix tells us a little more on the background about why IO and Skywatch dislike each other and have an uneasy treaty. The grey color palette for the flashback panels is great, giving the scene a feel straight out of a 1950s sci-fi movie. Meanwhile IO’s Jackie King and her team are discussing a complicated hacking plan to steal Skywatch information which can be used against them should trouble break out.

The final pages are my favorite of this comic. Angie Spica is working in the lab to smooth out the kinks of her internal machinery. The art again makes this seem very real and is rendered wonderfully. While Kenesha and Cole Cash (aka Grifter) discuss their own off the grid HALO activities, Cole gets a message from Lucy Blaze. Lucy (aka Zealot aka Lady Zannah) works for Skywatch and apparently so did Cole once upon a time. The dialogue between these two is tantalizing, as it says a lot while also making us want to know a ton more. The war is coming.

What else can I say? The writing, the characters, the art, the layout, the colors…everything works. I wish I had every issue with me now, but we’re just getting to the halfway mark in this story so at least we have a helluva ride ahead of us.

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