Teen Titans #16 Review

Teen Titans #16

Written by Marv Wolfman
Inks by Tom Derenick
Color by Trevor Scott

Issue #16 is called Alone Against The World and is Starfire focused. The only other Teen Titans in this issue are Raven and Beast Boy and I must say that the absence of the other Titans is unfortunately quite noticeable.

Starfire’s feelings of isolation are explored in this issue and the hardships she endured to escape her captors and have some semblance of a normal life on Earth. Early on in the issue the three heroes take down Mammoth as ARGUS swoop in and do the cleanup afterward.

Kori takes off shortly after the battle is over because Gar makes an insensitive comment about her comparative age while we are simultaneously presented with images of ordinary citizens minds and bodies being taken over by Psions.

One of them is falling to their peril out of the sky and Kori catches him, then takes him to a hospital to see what they can do. The patient comes to and attacks Kori, who repeatedly asks Raven and Gar for assistance on comms but gets no reply. They are ignoring her, or so she thinks. The Psions eventually capture Starfire and want to perform more test of her solar abilities just like they have in the past.

We learn through Kori’s thoughts that this all just a game to the Psions, as well as a test to see how far they can push her. Kori’s anger builds up and she lets out a burst of solar energy and breaks free of her shackles (Didn’t we just do this with Superboy?). Starfire finds Raven and Gar shortly after but sees that they are also being controlled by the Psions so she destroys the machinery to snap them out of it.

They have a moment of reconciliation about what had happened earlier as Gar confides that he and Raven were whispering about his newly created dating profile when she took off earlier and he meant no offence. Gar asks if she thinks he looks cute and Starfire starts her reply but flies off mid-sentence to leave Gar hanging.

I didn’t care for this story to be honest, and the absence of Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash is glaring. With the Super Sons of Tomorrow arc concluding last week perhaps Marv Wolfman thought it best to focus on some of the other characters, but it did not work for me. The story was muddled and lacked any real depth beyond the small nuggets of information we received in Starfire’s back story. This really was a tame effort from Wolfman.

Tom Derenick and Trevor Scott do a great job on art though, and every panel has great detail. What you’ll notice straight away if you still do pick up this issue is how Kori has been made to look a little older than she has during the rest of Rebirth, but maybe that was a conscious decision because it is mentioned during the story that Kori is at least 3 years older than Raven and Gar and they wanted to make that more apparent visually. If you pick up Teen Titans mainly for the art, then you won’t be disappointed as it was the only shining light for this issue.

A completely forgettable issue that can be painlessly subtracted from your pull list this week as it is purely a self-contained story with no future ramifications.

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