Harley Quinn #35 Review

Harley Quinn #35

Writer: Frank Tieri
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Jeremiah Skipper

To anyone who has ever wanted to see Harley Quinn transform into a giant bat… you have some really weird desires. You’re also in luck because that’s what we see in the newest issue of Harley Quinn. Part One of Batter Up sees Harley’s friend Tony getting abducted by a mysterious creature. It’s just the thing to knock Harley out of the funk she’s been in the last couple of issues.

Harley decides to do some detective work alongside her cohort, Red Tool, to try to figure out what happened to Tony. They eventually discover the culprit: one huge bat. To assist Quinn, her gang of Harleys take a trip to Arkham Asylum. It’s there they discover that Dr. Kirk Langstorm, the original Man-Bat, has been locked up for the last two weeks.

Turns out the bat that abducted Tony, and eventually Harley, is actually Francine Langstrom, Kirk’s wife. She has much better control over her bat powers than Kirk, and the issue ends with her injecting Harley with whatever the formula is to turn her into a big ol’ bat.

I liked the fact they didn’t try to make the giant bat’s true identity a secret. Instead, we’re treated to the intoxicating proposition of Harley Quinn wreaking havoc as an anthropomorphic bat.

This issue was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed all the Scooby-Doo references. Although I will say, it would have been pretty funny if the giant bat turned out to be the guy with the Air Jordans (as per Red Tool’s hypothesis). The humor, mystery and action all played perfectly in this comic, and now that the introduction is out of the way, we can see Bat-Harley in all her glory.


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