Batman #39 Review

Batman #39

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Joelle Jones

First, I’ll just say Joelle Jones needs to be on WONDER WOMAN…Damn! Spectacular art! The third part of the “Superfriends” arc in Batman arrives this week and it does not disappoint as Wonder Woman joins the party. Tom King’s writing on Batman runs hot & cold for me. One week it is a fabulous reading experience, the next I’m tugging on my slowly graying temples wondering why my favorite caped character is so damn dour – depressing – grim – blegh…Anyway, #39 is good, so let’s find out why that might be.

Again, I have to applaud the art team on this issue. Jones’ lines plus Jordie Bellaire’s colors make for a banquet for the eyes. From the opening pages the reader is drawn (no pun intended) in as we find Jim Gordon talking on the phone with his daughter (Kite Man reference – geez, Tom King, am I right?) only to be distracted by the Bat signal appearing in the sky. The full page reveal of Wonder Woman is exquisite. Check the rain puddle reflection of Diana and the entire color palette on this page to see what I mean. Ultimately, Diana is having a bit of fun with Gotham PD and Batman just using the signal ’cause, why not? She needs to enlist Batman for a mission, to another realm to fight some crazy creatures and repay a favor.

Now, readers, I’m a bit lost here, is the Gentle Man and whatever world he fights beasts in from a past Wonder Woman/Batman story? If so, I guess I missed it. Anyhow apparently Diana and Bruce offered to help give this epic fighter a breather should he need one and now he’s calling that favor in. Bruce prepares to head off while Selina (Batman’s fiance lest we forget) is giving him a bit of a hard time…just scope out his ridiculous new armored suit…I agree with Catwoman. Wonder Woman and Batman leave their world and swap places with the Gentle Man, who arrives to find Selina in a tree. The story now has two couples: Batman and Wonder Woman and Selina and the Gentle Man. Much like how Lois Lane and Selina paired off a couple issues ago, we follow the duos as they discuss life and love.

The cliffhanger ending will not be spoiled in this review, but I will point out that the battle scenes with Diana and Bruce are quite sensual, as well as action packed, so the art speaks volumes. The story Tom King is writing about how Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are going about their engagement is surprisingly fun to read and is taking me where I didn’t know I wanted to go. I look forward to finding out what happens next issue.

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