Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 Review

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Pencils: Sergio Sandoval
Inks: Juan Albarran
Colored by: Felix Serrano


Red Hood is truly a fun read. Scott Lobdell writes an entertaining story with amazing character development. In the beginning of DC Rebirth I was wary of this title because I was never really a Jason Todd/Red Hood fan. However, Lobdell has rectified that. Not only has he brought Jason Todd into a completely new light for me, but he made Bizarro a loveable character as well. He introduced Artemis as an “ehhh I don’t know if I like her” type of Amazonian, but now I like her more than I like Wonder Woman. Each release of this title, whether on a run or a filler issue, never fails to captivate me and all my attention; especially the artwork. The art for this title is continually on point. The colorist repeatedly manages to give each comic these dark tones that are appropriate for Gotham, yet at the same time it is wonderfully colorful. Truly an outstanding title, I am always happy to pick it up, so don’t forget it in your pull for the week. Spoilers ahead…


We begin the issue with Red Hood confronting The H.I.V.E. Queen. She looks very cool, but she turns out to really just be a minor threat. Apparently she has some sort of telepathic abilities because she reads Jason’s subconscious and something surprises her about him. She says to Jason, “You know but you can’t accept the—“ Her statement is interrupted by Bizarro crashing through the ceiling, obviously with the intention of keeping her from saying whatever it is she was going to say. My curiosity is peaked. I assume it has something to do with Jason knowing that perhaps Bizarro is hurting himself, or his genius is temporary. I’m not too sure, but that is one thing Bizarro has been keeping secret.

Back in the floating headquarters, Artemis runs into a new character; hilariously named The Creeper. I must add, he does kind of look like a creeper. This is a great example of the fun that we get in this title. We can read it as a serious comic, yet it has some really funny moments, this being one of them. As it turns out, Bizarro asked The Creeper to come in for the possibility of him joining the team. But Artemis has some kind of shaky history with this new guy and Jason is not on board with it. The Creeper eventually lets himself out. I don’t know if he really is a prospect to join the team, but my vote is that the team stays the same.

Throughout the issue, Bizarro has a little hallucinatory “angel on his shoulder” which looks like a Superman doll. It is trying to convince him to tell Jason and Artemis about his super-genius being a temporary thing, and that he keeps secretly taking baths in synthetic kryptonite to prolong his genius. These baths are wreaking havoc on him but he continually takes them anyways to combat the battle within himself to let the “dummy” back out. The issue ends with him taking one of these baths. We’ll have to find out what happens next time in “Date Night!”

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