Harley Quinn #34 Review

Harley Quinn #34 Review

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Art by: John Timms and Chad Hardin
Colors by: Alex Sinclair

In the last issue, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were heading to Mexico. The two don’t have a chance to make it south of the border after they have a chance encounter at a bar. This issue jumps around a lot, so strap in your seat belt and get ready for some more Harley shenanigans.

After the previously mentioned fight, Harley is bailed out by her parents. Harley and Ivy make their way to Mr. and Mrs. Quinn’s house where we meet Harley’s siblings. They get a little rowdy, but honestly, they might as well be saints when compared to Harley’s past.

And of course, no trip home for Harley would be complete without her visiting her old hyenas and SURPRISE! Her hyenas had puppies.

The real highlight of this issue is when Harley pays a visit to Palmiotti and Conner. Apparently, Quinn’s not a big fan of her latest story arcs that involve continuity and too many supporting characters. It was a fun, little moment, and I was just a tad disappointed that apparently it was a dream sequence.

So what’s next? Well, the issue ends with Harley and Ivy on a boat with everything seeming to be right in the world.

With no teaser, this issue may mean it’s time for a clean cut from the immediately preceding storyline. Harley’s gone through a lot, and it may be fun just to have some issues of Harley wreaking havoc like in the good ol’ days. It may also be time to bring Mistah J back into the mix.

This issue was a little all over the place and was definitely lacking in action. We never even got to see what song Ivy sang for karaoke. One thing’s for sure: it’s time for Harley to start kicking things up a notch.

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