The Flash #37 Review

The Flash #37

Joshua Williamson, writer
Scott McDAniel, pencils
Mick Gray, inks
Steve Wands, letters
Hi-fi, colors


As the story begins, Captain Cold and Copperhead are running an illegal operation underneath Iron Heights Prison. August Rush offers to deliver The Flash to Captain Cold who readily agrees to the plan. Captain Cold has three top desires in life: women, money, and to defeat the Flash. However, this time he plans to undermine the agreements he’s made with Copperhead so that he can become the king of crime in Central City.

The story transitions to Kristen and Barry who are working the evidence to solve the death of Turbine, the Rogue who was killed in the last issue. The story continues as Kristen and Barry speak to Trickster, who is charged with Turbine’s murder. They are surprised to discover Trickster covered in bruises after having been beaten. They are even more surprised when Warden Wolfe catches them and has them escorted out by a couple of guards. The warden commands Barry and Kristen to stop investigating the murder of Turbine.

Later, Barry meets with August Rush, aka Godspeed, who gives Barry a clue on a small piece of notepaper. The two argue and Barry walks away upset. Barry is convinced that this piece of evidence is a trap. Nevertheless, he investigates the evidence with Kid Flash despite his reservations.

The story continues with The Flash and Kid Flash pursuing the lead. Not surprisingly,  a criminal at the scene informs Copperhead of The Flash’s appearance, Copperhead  tells him to follow the plan and leave. Kid Flash recognizes the criminals even as they run from them. They find a weapon on the ground, and after testing it, establish that it is Captain Cold technology that only he knows how to produce. One of the captured criminals informs The Flash that they are part of Copperhead’s group and that Copperhead has been feuding with another criminal organization. Both The Flash and Kid Flash wonder how the Rogues are producing guns if they’re locked up in Iron Heights?

The story continues. The Flash tells Kid Flash to stay back as he follows the tunnel. He reaches a door that reads Iron Heights Hospital. The large metal door behind him slams shut. August is standing behind a glass window in a yellow-lit area. August knew that Barry’s belief in the goodness of people would cause him to fall into the trap. The Flash tries to vibrate out of the cell but Captain Cold has rigged his weapon to energize the glass dropping the temperatures to the subzeros and thus slowing The Flash done. The next panel shows a  team of Rogues welcoming Godspeed to the group. The final panel of this issue shows Captain Cold standing over The Flash, who is frozen and helpless.



The Flash’s belief that people are good led him to following the lead August provided him even though he knew better. Despite the repetitive nature of this issue, I really enjoyed the story. Captain Cold is perhaps my favorite Rogue’s Gallery adversary of The Flash. This story pulls in several of the Rogues and adds Godspeed, which makes the odds stacked against The Flash. While The Flash has overcome Captain Cold and his team of rogues on countless occasions, this time it feels different. Barry has experienced numerous recent failures from losing Iris to his recent demotion to Iron Heights Prison which all seem to build toward him learning the lesson the hard way. Barry needs to trust his team and work with others to defeat Captain Cold this time. WIll he overcome his self-reliance and defeat Captain Cold? I’m excited to see if he can.  

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