Batman #38 Review


Written by: Tom King
Art by: Travis Moore

Just when I was getting into the Tom King run on Batman, his whole Catwoman thing, etc., this issue comes along and BAM! not a fan of this reading experience. #38 is a stand alone story concerning a murder mystery and a rather basic one as such.

When it comes to the life of Bruce Wayne the most famous element is that of his slain parents. Now of course the “Batman” part of this is secret to most, but in Gotham Wayne is a well-known figure so the tragic nature of his life is part of his celebrity. His fame is bound to lead to some creepy fans and this story is all about one such obsessive. Sadly, the mystery is all too obvious to this reader right from the start and not really worthy of the “world’s greatest detective” but here we are anyway.

The characters in this issue are not interesting and rendered in average comic book stylings. Travis Moore’s art is similar to Clay Mann’s, but visually I’m just not drawn in. When the ending arrives I think it’s supposed to be a twist, but like mentioned earlier the who dun-it is telegraphed in the first pages. I’m just disappointed. The last couple installments of Batman provided one of the best Batman/Superman (and examination of regular adult) friendships in comics and now with this book the momentum is knocked back several steps.

Let’s hope the next King script delivers something more than a bland detective story and forgettable villains.

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