Wild Storm #10 Review

Wild Storm #10

Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt

The web of characters and concepts woven by writer Warren Ellis and perfectly drawn by Jon Davis-Hunt gets a bit deeper panel by panel, issue by issue. It seems like by the time one comic ends there will be a huge, massive all out war to open the following month’s installment. Yet that never happens. More ideas, more characters and more insanity are dropped on our comic brain domes…Wild Storm #10 is here and its STILL GREAT.

This issue is paced in a similar way to all previous chapters, with roughly 1/3 of the book given over to the three main groups: IO (this issue we only get discussions on IO), Skywatch, and HALO. Not that this is precision math mind you, but the basic sort of formula we will read until #24 settles with an ending (assuming there is an “end”). What #10 does so well here is place expertly timed jokes in the midst of the sci-fi intergalactic conspiracy battle story we know and love. Ellis is freaking hilarious! One example: Kenesha’s use of the word “explody”. Her obsession with trying to get Cole Cash (aka Grifter) to use bombs in their plan to infiltrate an IO building is very fun. Later the crotchety Henry Bendix delivers some of the most amusing lines in all of 2017’s comicdom.

The final third of the book deviates a bit with a discussion between the “doctor” and Jenny Sparks. Again great, amazing repartee shoots back & forth between these two as some origin story info trickles out. This is majestic visual comic artistry in top form, but the conversation fills in more plot and more revelations…only to confuse us fans a tad more too. In the last pages a new character is introduced, but is he new? He interacts with Kenesha as she enters a corner store and the shop keep explains away the random homeless man as a harmless kook. Yet as the final panels reveal the guy is anything but run of the mill. After digging a little I found, using the visual clues in the comic, that this is Jack Hawksmoor from Ellis’ last trip through the Wildstorm universe. Once again, new readers will just have fun with the mysterious wall jumping homeless dude, but fans of the older stories can appreciate the character on another level.

It cannot be overstated how well-done this comic series is. I almost don’t want any answers, just more characters and wormholes! After ten issues I would recommend to those who aren’t reading, go pick-up the first volume in trade, then snap up the current floppies because this is a helluva ride.

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