Super Sons #11 Review

Super Sons #11

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art by: Ryan Benjamin & Richard Friend
Colored by: Gabe Eltaeb, Colors



The story begins with, Batman of the future, Tim Drake, sitting on a building remembering the destruction of Metropolis in the future as he stares at a peaceful Metropolis in the present. Batman says that the name of the bomb will be Jonathan Kent. Batman is the only one who will do what it takes to stop him.

The story transitions to Lois who is on the phone and informs one of Jonathan’s friends that he’s unavailable. Meanwhile, panels show Batman fighting to stay in present-day Metropolis as “hypertime” is accelerating pulling him back to the future. However, Batman fights through it so that he can stay and complete his mission. Batman splashes through Jonathan’s bedroom window, rips the covers off Jonathan’s bed to find it empty. Lois enters and acknowledges Batman. He fires on her, tranquilizing her.

Meanwhile, Damian leads the Teen Titans on a mission to keep the General Assembly safe from a group called The Hangmen. Damian gives the command that they keep their power blasts focused so that no innocent bystanders get hurt. The Hangmen are giving the Teen Titans a run for their money as several members of the Titans get blind-sided at once. However, out of nowhere a member of the Teen Titans takes out several of The Hangmen. The Teen Titans earn the victory. As they are congratulating each other, they quickly learn that Superboy defeated most of The Hangman by himself.

After the victory, Damian confronts Superboy and informs him that he’s not a member of the team. Superboy says that he was supposed to be invited on missions after their defeat of Kraklow. The rest of the team asks Damian if he made that promise. Superboy becomes upset and calls Damian a liar. At that point Batman shows up on a big television in the conference room they were sitting in and confronts the Teen Titans.

Superboy tells the group that they need to confront Batman. However, Batman informs the group that he’s trapped them in the building and that it’s useless for them to fight. Batman sends a message through Raven to the Teen Titans showing them the future. In the vision, future Superman, Jonathan Kent, and Batman, Damian Wayne, are unhinged. Tim Drake is shown caught in between Superman and Batman stopping an altercation as a bomb is explodes.  Raven summarizes the vision for the Teen Titans: Metropolis is destroyed, and millions of lives are lost.

The story continues. Batman fires an object at Superboy knocking him off his feet. Kid Flash jumps into action stating that he’ll confront Batman if the others would get Superboy to safety. The black-colored object wraps around Superboy and cannot be removed. Superboy is being engulfed and is crying out for help. However, Batman is removed by hypertime, and lands in the future. Meanwhile, Superboy fires his heat ray eyes to break free. Damian tells him to leave the building before he kills everyone. As Superboy flies out of the building he explodes causing a large energy-ball to momentarily trap the Teen Titans in the building below.

A large explosion sends Batman flying and is seen laid out unconscious. Conner, a Teen Titan, is laying on the ground next to him. Starfire is laying on the ground unconscious. The story ends with Superman on the last panel. Dialogue boxes express his resolve to go find, him. The ending is ambiguous. Who is lost? Supposedly Jonathan who exploded into a large ball of flames.


This issue is a page-turner. The writer does a masterful job of convincing the reader that Superboy is in real danger.  The art is gorgeous and vividly depicts the story as Batman pursues, catches, and confronts the Teen Titans. When Jonathan is captured, you can feel the anguish and panic as he’s being engulfed by the black substance. We know from the Superman tie in, Superman #37, that Batman is resolved to kill Superboy. The threat to Jonathan is real.

This story is a must read for DC fans. It connects with story lines that are currently in development in Detective Comics and Superman. In addition, the story advances the ongoing relationship dynamics between Damian and Jonathan, and, Damian and the Teen Titans. Damian doesn’t want Superboy on the team. In addition, the Teen Titans feel used by Damian because of his dishonesty and self-reliance. The Teen Titans will need to work together to save their missing members, Starfire and Conner, while helping Superman save his son.  

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