Justice League #35 Review

Justice League #35 Review

Story: Priest
Art & Cover: Pete Woods

Wonder Woman learns the downsides of going viral in the latest issue of Justice League. In the aftermath of the last issue, which saw a terrorist killing a nun with Wonder Woman’s sword, the issue opens with Diana being questioned by authorities. Her sword is being held as evidence for the time being while they sort out what Diana’s role was in the nun’s death.

Meanwhile, the League has to deal with a pesky roach infestation. As someone who has lived in his fair share of apartments with roaches, I really connected with this issue. A bounty hunter asks for the League’s help. He got his man, but there is a super roach on the loose in San Francisco. The team dispatches the pest with minimal hassle, earning them praise by the nightly news network.

But just when the League think they have a moment to relax, the news releases the footage of the terrorist using Wonder Woman’s sword to kill an innocent person. The issue ends on a cliffhanger with Diana being unable to watch the rest of the footage.

The cockroach plot is pretty amusing, but the thing that really transcends this issue is Diana dealing with her role in the nun’s murder and if she should even assume responsibility at all. It’s such a gut punch at the end to see the League celebrated one second and then ostracized the next. Plenty of comic arcs and TV episodes have pondered about what a superhero’s role should be in assuming responsibility for any casualties. Should the fact the League saved a ton of people exonerate them for failing to save one? It’s an interesting question and one I look forward to them answering in the next issue.

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