Action Comics #993 Review

Action Comics #993

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Dan Jurgnes, Joe Prado & Cam Smith
Colors by: Hi-Fi


The issue begins with Booster Shot arriving at the JL Watchtower right after Superman uses the Cosmic Treadmill. The Flash shows up to confront Booster as he’s trying to access the Cosmic Treadmills database to locate Superman’s destination. Booster and The Flash jostle over the Cosmic Treadmill while Booster informs The Flash that Superman’s already used it.

The story transitions to Superman flying through time. Despite the risk, Superman used the Cosmic Treadmill to transport to Krypton, so he could know the truth about Jor-El. When Superman arrives, Krypton is in flames, but a major city appears to be intact. However, Superman runs into a Chronal energy storm which eats away at him. At the same time, he sees visions of his early experiences, his mother and father, and some people he doesn’t recognize. He notices that these fragments of shattered time are like the broken recordings he saw while he was on Mogo. The Chronal Energy storm weakens, and he lands on the surface of Krypton. The buildings and city are intact, and he is in the middle of a modern looking city.

The story transitions back to the JL watchtower where Booster and The Flash continue their debate over how to locate Superman. Booster’s aide, Skeet, overrides the Cosmic Treadmill and sends a charge knocking The Flash unconscious. They search the data banks and confirm that Superman went to Krypton. Booster puzzles over the possible damage Superman could cause if he is on Krypton when it explodes, or, if he saves the planet. Booster identifies an anomaly, the Chronal energy storm that Superman encountered when he arrived at Krypton.

The story transitions to the Daily Planet as Jon is getting a history lesson on Booster Gold. Mr. Lombard states that Michael John Carter was a football player in the future who came back to the present to be a hero. Mr. Lombard likes Booster Gold because he gets by with his guts and his tech despite having no super powers.

Meanwhile, Lois has a conversation with her editor, Perry White. Lois informs him that she hasn’t spoken to her father since exposing his illegal dealings with the military. Perry informs Lois that her father was recently captured during a mission against the rebels in Logamba. They are planning a public execution the next day. There is no rescue mission planned due to the nature of the mission. Lois admits that she’s never told Jonathan about her father. Lois vows not to let her father die. Jonathan has been listening in on the whole conversation.

Back in the time stream, Booster Gold is traveling to Krypton. The story transitions to Superman who is trying not to be seen while on Krypton. He witnesses Jor-El and General Zod walking together. It appears that they are allies. At that moment Superman is hit with a beam of light. Booster Gold is standing over him and cautioning him to not blow their cover. Superman insists that he’s not leaving until he gets the answer he’s looking for. Skeets informs the pair that they’re too late. Just then forces from Krypton identify Booster and Superman. They blast them, and Superman is affected by their beams. At this point Superman and Booster conclude that Superman is powerless. The story ends on a cliffhanger. Booster and Superman are surrounded by Kryptonian forces and Superman is without his powers.

Final Impressions

Booster Gold is an interesting character. He’s got no superpowers, yet he overpowers The Flash and intervenes to stop Superman from impacting time. It is fun to see the interactions he has with Superman and The Flash; he has an innocence and goal-focused moral code that the other heroes have lost.

The Flash makes a statement to Booster Gold.  “Hands off my time Machine before you destroy the universe.” Over-dramatic or a foreshadowing of things to come? Fans of The Flash know what messing with time can do to the universe. However, Booster Gold says that time travel is his thing. This story builds nicely off the events of the OZ effect story and is more interesting. The felt danger of Superman being on Krypton is real because he has no powers. Superman utilized the Cosmic Treadmill to get on Krypton but will need help to escape the planet when it explodes. I have no idea where this story is going, which increases the intrigue.

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