Justice League #34 Review

Justice League #34 Review

Story: Christopher Priest
Art & Cover: Pete Woods

A new intriguing arc begins in this issue where Batman learns that he…needs a good night’s sleep? It’s a little odd, but bear with us as we delve into Justice League #34.

Simon Baz located an alien fleet and is unable to make communication with it. The League is stretched thin enough as is with a hostage situation involving nuns and an imminent earthquake. The members of the League have to juggle responsibilities to handle everything at once.

One nun becomes a casualty while the earthquake crisis is averted. As for that armada: it turns out it’s just a bunch of alien tourists, but they’ve already drew members of the League into space to check it out. The issue ends with Bruce Wayne back at his manor. He’s falling asleep on the stairs again, going off on how he was practically dead on his feet due to exhaustion. He gets some comfort from Superman, but that’s when the issue ends.

I have to say the opening of an arc has not left me this puzzled in a while. It seems as though it will explore the toll being Batman has on, well…Batman. Will Bruce continue pushing himself to the limit? Or will Batman go on a much-needed break in the near future?

The issue is gripping from start to finish. None of the individual challenges seem all that daunting. It’s more about stretching the team to its limits, and it’s a refreshing change of pace. The final panels are a little haunting with Superman saying, “We’ll manage without you.” Bruce’s response of “Maybe…maybe you should” could indicate that Batman may hang up the cape. At least temporarily.

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