Batman White Knight #3 Review

Batman White Knight #3

Writer: Sean Murphy
Artist: Sean Murphy
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth

Jack Napier, the former Clown Prince of Crime, continues his one man crusade to hold Batman personally responsible for all the Dark Knight has done to Gotham both in property damage and emotional damage on Gotham’s citizens. Meanwhile Bruce suffers a tragedy and a new player enters into the game one that wants the Joker back for good.

Sean Murphy does it again. This story is both gripping and emotional at the same time and dives deeper into the depths Batman will go to protect his city. The psychological aspect of the story can’t be ignored either. Napier is getting to Bruce but Bruce being Bruce he doesn’t let on that its affecting him. Tension is mounting not only in the city against Batman but within the Bat family as well. Murphy once again shows his mastery of managing different stories within the main story to bring them all together in one powerful and moving tale. These characters have been shown in a new light and Murphy is highlighting them to the up most degree. You can slowly but surely see the transformation of the Batman and Joker as it seems they are switching places in their roles of hero and villian. One would wonder what more surprises Mr. Murphy has up his sleeve. Time will tell.

The grittiness of Murphy’s art and Hollingsworth talent in the color department delivers another visually stunning effort in this issue. There is very little lightness in this issue as have the previous issues been and its wonderful. Its a Gotham of almost perpetual darkness that ties in with how the Batman is slowly slipping from his mantle of Protector and giving way to his darker side, or at least that is how it seems.

This visually gripping and compelling story of emotion and darkness gives the reader one heck of a story to read over and over again.

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