Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #33 Review


Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Jack Herbert

The Review

We have another excellent book this week in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #33. I hope Robert Venditti never leaves this title because he does Hal Jordan and Green Lanterns in general superbly. His writing is so intricate and well-worded. The dialogue between characters is believable and also deep and meaningful. For example, one panel in this issue has Ganthet and Sayd talking to John Stewart. Ganthet says “As long as being still draws breath, it harbors the chance to learn and be better.” Think about the meaning of that statement. When Venditti is writing how does he even think of gems like that? I am constantly having those thoughts when I read his work. When you couple expert writing such as this with magnificent artwork, you get a truly enjoyable read. Include this in your pull for the week because it is only part one in a new arc and something great is in the works. Issue breakdown and spoilers ahead.

The Story

In an unknown space sector, in an unknown location, an unknown assailant is coming after one of the Guardians, Yekop. The assailant is successful and apprehends him.

Cut to space sector zero, above planet Mogo, Ganthet and Sayd are observing a new Green Lantern come into her powers. Her name is Somar-Le of Xudar and she was chosen by a Green Lantern ring back in issue #25. The same issue that former Xudarian Green Lantern, Tomar-Tu was locked in a science cell for the murder of a Yellow Lantern. That fact really has nothing to do with this story but even still to this day I am wondering what is going to happen to Tomar-Tu. He was a well-known supporting character and I can’t bring myself to fully believe that his role in the DC universe is complete. Now we have a new Xudarian in this picture who is young, female, and full of spunk. I wonder if this will somehow tie into the return of Tomar-Tu or if he truly is gone for good.

John Stewart pays a visit, and has a meaningful exchange with the Guardians who are believed to be the last remaining two after the rest turned evil and “died.” When John leaves, the Guardians are ambushed by none other than The Controllers! Yes, they are back and equipped for revenge. For those that need a refresher… The Controllers are a group of Oans who are descended from Maltusians, just like our Guardians. Over billions of years the Guardians evolved into the short blue-skinned Maltusians they are now. But the Controllers evolved into slender, pink-skinned, hairless Maltusians. They have popped in and out of stories over the years, and it is always an entertaining read with them. Well, as I said, they are back and they were the unknown assailants from the beginning of the issue. As it turns out, they have all the other Guardians trapped in these pods. Finally they have Ganthet and Sayd to complete their collection. They seek to destroy all of them.

Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, who is feeling lonely without Soranik, are immediately called off their mission to save the day. We will have to find out what happens next time in “They’re in Control.”

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