Nightwing: The New Order #4 Review


Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Trevor McCarthy
Colors: Dean White

Jake, the young son of Nightwing and Starfire, is being held by the former Batwoman Kate Kane at a Crusaders facility where he is being tested to see just how powerful he really is. Meanwhile Dick Grayson is reunited with his old Titan teammates and after some, let’s say intense, catching up they all agree to rescue Jake before Kate can exploit him for her gain.

This issue started out on the slow side but soon enough ramped it up especially on the emotional side. I would go as far to say that Higgins has made this the most emotional issue of the series. The panels with Dick and Kory are a true testament to how deeply divided Dick is from the superhero community that he once dearly loved. You can feel the raw emotion jump of the page in not only the exchange between Dick and Kory but the rest of the Titans as well, especially Wally who has no problem reminding Nightwing of what he believes to be his shortcomings. I think Dick wants to be a hero again but he hasn’t been one for so long I think he’s gonna need help even though he probably won’t admit to it. However for his son Nightwing may just find that spark to be the hero he once was.

The art shines through once again. McCarthy and White change the tone of the color scheme and the art’s look. It is not as dark as the past issues it a little lighter in fact, signaling that there could be hope returning to the world in the form of super powered  beings. Colors pop when they need too but not too much. And tying in with the emotion of the story the emotion of the characters are on full display to the best.

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