Justice League of America #19 Review

Justice League of America #19

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Hugo Petrus
Colors: Hi-Fi

Prometheus and Afterthought have the JLA as well as a group of civilians trapped inside the Sanctuary. While trapped in there they try to divide and conquer the JLA members by punishing them mentally and physically. Meanwhile Ryan is still non solid and Killer Frost grows weaker by the minute frozen of all things in a lab.

Steve Orlando is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers particularly his dialogue in action sequences and there is no shortage of that in this issue. Action, action, action that’s what this book is all about. The back and forth between hero and villain is on great display here. It’s done in the traditional sense where the villains are trying to break our heroes down but our heroes show that oh so great tenacity for never backing down and I can’t get enough of that. So yeah it’s a pretty cut and dry superhero story but what stands out is Orlando’s ability to make even the strongest hero seem vulnerable and his way of using not only physical warfare with the characters but also psychological as well.

Petrus and Hi-Fi use a great mix of emotion and color to make the art of this book stand out. The colors pop from panel to panel in every spectacular way and the emotion that we see on the faces of our characters especially the heroes is magnificent. Here is a team without their true leader desperately trying not only to save their home and civilians but keep themselves alive to and it shows on their faces. Not a lot of splash pages but that’s ok for this book because what stands out are again the action sequences. The hits seem harder the pain etched on the faces of our heroes seem more realistic and it just enhances the story greatly.

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