‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer has Arrived with a Hilarious Twist!

Deadpool and Bob Ross. The mix I bet no one expected to see is exactly what greeted us to our first look at ‘Deadpool 2’ when the teaser trailer for the film opened up with a hilarious parody of the legendary painting show.

The mannerisms and presenting style of Bob Ross spliced with Deadpool’s profanity and out-there humour makes for the perfect combination and a great way to kick of Deadpool 2’s marketing which hopefully should be as creative as the first films.

But that’s not all we got! We were treated to a few snippets of what’s to come from the sequel with shots of Negasonic Teenage Warhead with an upgraded costume and new hair style, Cable’s robot hand, the return of Vanessa and Dopindar the taxi driver, a look at Domino being badass, and action scenes that look very weird out of context (including Deadpool in a casket).

If this is what kicks off our first look at Deadpool 2 then it looks like the sequel is heading towards being  a wilder ride than the first film.

What do you guys think of the first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2? What things do you want from the sequel? Let us know in the comments section down below and remember hugs not drugs

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