Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #2

Action Comics #2

Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artwork: Joe Shuster

The storyline speedily picks up where it left off in the previous issue. After getting inside information from his hostage, Superman pays his associates a visit where he gets double crossed. but of course, comes out on top and shows him first hand, how his plots and actions are really affecting innocent people. In the meantime, Lois finds herself in a bit of trouble, as usual, and meets the caped hero for a second time. The storyline truly shows Superman to be the all-American hero that he is today. The plot is simplistic, but it is very effective and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to the outcome and reasoning of wars.

Again, the artwork is minimalistic with the odd detail missing, in this issue Superman dons an all blue suit and shoes without the symbol of hope! But of course, as I said before, you have to appreciate that these were some of the first ever comics, and along with that the first ever comic art. The dialogue of this issue is great, it really gives you a snapshot into the old-time American gangster genre. My only real issue is that the cover doesn’t actually have anything to do with the storyline, it isn’t clear what it’s in relation to and there are no scenes in the issue of this description. Also in comparison to the artwork inside the comic, it is almost the complete opposite. The cover is quite pastel in colour, whereas the artwork inside has the vibrant, retro theme.

Again Superman shows a little brutality in his threats and actions again, but as I mentioned before, I love it. I personally think that’s how he should be, he has the power, why not show it off. My favourite in this issue is “I swear I’ll follow you to whatever hole you hide in, and tear out your cruel heart with my bare hands!”. Harsh right?

Overall the second issue of the Action Comics series is much stronger than the first. It’s full of action from start to end, it shows more of Superman’s powers and abilities and it really leaves you wanting to see more of what this hero can do.

About the author: Tasmin is an avid DC Comics and Superman superfan. Based in the UK, she has a collection of Superman memorabilia spanning over 1250+ items. Check out her collection at

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