Will Conner Kent Finally Appear in DC’s Next Crossover Event?


Since the beginning of Rebirth, many fans have been asking, “Where is Conner Kent?” Conner Kent is the known to most fans as Superboy, a.k.a. Kon-El, as a clone of Superman who emerged in the aftermath of Superman’s death. Since then, Superboy has been a key player in many major DC stories, but has been almost entirely absent from DC’s Rebirth series.

If you’ve read the recently concluded Detective Comics story arc “A Lonely Place of Living”, you know that Conner Kent is name dropped several times, which has lead to a lot of fan speculation about his return. In a recent interview with Newsarama about Batman: Lost, James Tynion IV gave a major hint about when we’ll see Conner Kent’s name appear again.

When asked about the name-drops in Detective Comics and when Conner Kent will be brought back, Tynion responded: “I think all I can say is, after reading ‘The Lonely Place of Living,’ head over to the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover in December.”

That seems like a pretty strong indication that fans of Conner Kent will at the very least begin to learn more about his place in the Rebirth universe next month! The “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover will be featured in December’s Superman #37, Super Sons #11, and Teen Titans #15.

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