Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32 Review


The Story So Far

This week in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, the “Bats out of Hell” story continues with part 3. If you haven’t been up on this particular storyline, I will fill you in. Part 1 of “Bats out of Hell” was The Flash #33, and part 2 was Justice League #32. These are a part of the many Metal tie-ins where the Dark Nights are systematically taking out each member of the Justice League, and some others, and plugging them into this battery thing that belongs to the Anti-Monitor. I won’t go into the crazy insane details of the metal storyline because there are so many tie-ins and there is so much going on. But each of our main Justice League heroes have alternate evil versions of themselves from other worlds. They have been manipulated by the Batman who Laughs, and they have possessed their own world’s version of various heroes. So we have an evil Bat-Flash called Red Death, an evil Bat-Green Lantern called Dawnbreaker, and so on and so forth. If you are interested in which tie-ins to read and their order, a Google search is in your future. Moving on… This week we get to watch as Dawnbreaker goes toe-to-toe with Hal Jordan. Find out what happens as I break this issue down. Spoilers ahead…

What Is This All About

We start the issue off a bit in the past where we are shown a perfect representation of the City without fear, Coast City. A thriving place with so much realized potential and even brighter plans ahead. Hal is in the skies, playing with children, and everything couldn’t be happier or more perfect.

Then cut to now and Coast City is in a world of trouble. It is now one of many cities affected by Barbatos, the Batman who Laughs, and the Dark Nights. It is in ruins, it is dark and tattered. Dawnbreaker is endeavoring to destroy Hal mentally but Hal is far too clever for that. They scrap amongst pure darkness and Hal struggles to maintain composure. He is haunted by visions of deceased versions of his enemies including Atrocitus, Sinestro, Hector Hammond, and the various things they and others have said to him in time past. Hal’s ring is the only light and even that is being expended by Dawnbreaker.

Hal drives these distractions aside and his willpower pushes him to persevere on. It’s here that he realizes Dawnbreaker consumes his victims by absorbing their light. So Hal creates a strobe effect with the idea that Dawnbreaker cannot absorb what he cannot see. This allows Hal to get one up on this dangerous villain. However it is not enough in the end.

As a defeated Hal is being dragged to the Anti-Monitor battery to be “installed” on it, we see the other cities being devastated. These cities include Washington DC, Central City, Amnesty Bay, Detroit, and I’m sure many more all over the world. On the second to the last page we see Aquaman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman being dragged to the Battery as well. Many other heroes, villains, and anti-heroes are already tied up to it. We saw them being taken over in the various Metal tie-ins, which again, I won’t detail out here. The last page shows the Bat-version of Cyborg and the Batman who Laughs taking apart the real Cyborg in order to extract a metal from his chest. It’s revealed that “Element X” resides in Cyborgs chest, and once extracted, the entire Multiverse is theirs to destroy! We’ll have to find out what happens next time as “Bats out of Hell” continues in Justice League #33.

The Review

Once again I am immensely happy with the storytelling of Robert Venditti. He is consistent in his abilities and I don’t think there has ever been anything by him that I do not approve of. I think a lot of times people take for granted how difficult it can be to not only write good, believable dialogue, but also a good narrative. Venditti delivers on all fronts. In addition to this tremendous writing we have my man, Ethan Van Sciver… This guy can draw a comic book. I am always excited when Van Sciver draws a title that I enjoy because I know it’s going to be quality work. He draws with amazing detail and never half-asses anything. A truly wonderful team working on an epic title. The Metal tie-in is also brilliant. With this huge event happening in the DC Universe right now, this issue contributed its piece to the puzzle. I have no complaints. Pick this issue up, especially if you are following the Metal story closely….and if you’re not, you should be.

More Info

Reviewed by: Justin Swenson Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32 Written by: Robert Venditti Art by: Ethan Van Sciver, Liam Sharp Published by: DC Comics Release Date: November 8, 2017

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