Cyborg #18 Review


Cyborg #18

Writer: John Semper Jr. 
Artist: Will Conrad
Colors: Will Conrad & Cliff Richards

After getting rid of the virus that almost corrupted the consciousness of the inhabitants of the virtual world he was in, Cyborg returns to Detroit to find it under siege by Aldous and his army of cybernetic soldiers all in the name of their master Anomaly.

This is probably the most unique story I’ve read so far since I’ve been reviewing comics. The entire story is just one long thought process from Vic. No word balloons at all, but that really is not a problem as the story still comes off great. Semper Jr. really gives a great depth and humanity to Cyborg by the end of this story arc.

He’s able to show a real turning point in Vic’s life that enhances his character development really well. Also he highlights all the players in this story well, giving them their just dues that they have earned while not getting lost in the background or subplots anywhere. It’s an engaging story that quite frankly left me wanting more and already anticipating the next issue and that is a mark of a great writer, so kudos to John Semper Jr.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful art that accompanied this fine bit of storytelling. Will Conrad and Cliff Richards made these characters just jump off the page. Everything from the tones and expressions was right on point. Just an outstanding job all around.

This was a great end to the arc and I can’t wait to see what lies in store for our cybernetic hero next time.

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