Batman #34 Review

Batman #34

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joelle Jones
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Tom King and Joelle Jones continue to shine in issue #34.  The back and forth Batman and Catwoman have is amazing, and it’s even more amazing while they are fighting a small army.  The banter between the two is delightful and hope to see more of it. King also does a great job of highlighting the relationship between Damian and Dick. Even when Damian even thinks about sneaking to see his mother and father, Dick is quick to remind him that a certain Justice League member can still spot him all the way from Central City. The relationship the two of them have comes off as very brotherly and hope that bond between them continues to grow.

Joelle Jones should just be the new Batman artist because she is killing it.  She really gets to flex her skills because of the fight scenes she gets to choreograph throughout this issue. The one page that really stands out is where Batman and Catwoman have defeated a small army but they are just exhausted from battle, and it shows on their faces and the wounds they have suffered.  Her line work is greatly complimented by the colors of Jordie Bellaire. These two are amazing together and nothing less than spectacular should be expected out of these two.

King, Jones, and Bellaire crank out another great issue of Batman.  Tom King’s run on Batman has been great and is getting better with each issue.  Jones and Bellaire are at the top of their game just like they were on the previous issue. This story arc may be only two issues in, but I think it has the potential to be one of the best arcs King has crafted so far especially with this amazing art team he has the pleasure of working with.

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