Zachary Levi Officially Cast as Shazam!

Zachary Levi (you might know him as Fandral from Thor: The Dark World) is set to star as the original Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Shazam, in the upcoming film Shazam!

This is big news for the film as the film prepares to begin production in early 2018. Levi is known mostly for roles in comedy, and Sandberg has stated previously he wants this movie to have a lighter tone, so Levi seems like a good fit. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported this news today; however the role of Billy Batson is still up in the air as far as we know.

Billy Batson is an young orphan who is granted the powers of gods by the wizard, Shazam. When Billy shouts the word “Shazam”, he is transformed into Captain Marvel (renamed Shazam in the New 52), and has been known to fight alongside the Justice League.

For more on Shazam’s origins, check out this great video from Variant Comics:

Shazam is the next entry in the DC Films Universe to enter production, and set to hit theaters April 2019.

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