Wonder Woman #33 Review

Wonder Woman #33

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Colors: Ray McCarthy

After locating her father Darkseid, who was in baby form no less, his daughter Grail goes about the task of rejuvenating her father to his former glory and power. She does this by feeding him the energy of the children of the old Greek God Zeus and one by one they work their way through them until they find Wonder Woman’s brother Hercules; which sets up an eventual showdown with Diana.

Some people may call this a filler issue, just something to fill in the gap of time between stories just so the publisher can put out something, but I beg to differ in this case. This story, done rather well by James Robinson, is more than just filler. It gives a great back story to the Darkseid angle from Metal and I mean, c’mon baby Darkseid was awesome, but did you really think the DC writers were just gonna keep him in baby form? It’s Darkseid for crying out loud! Even as a young being he’s just as evil, maniacal, and tyrannical as ever. The interaction with him and Grail is the highlight of the story. Grail is so desperate to win her father’s approval while Darkseid couldn’t care less. Oh, and Diana is not even in this issue, but that’s okay. Once you start reading the story you forget all about that.

The art is pretty good in this issue as well. Lupacchino and McCarthy do a good job at bringing a new version of Darkseid to life. Believe me when I tell you young Darkseid is just as creepy looking (if not maybe a little more) than adult Darkseid. The various emotions they put on Grail is great too. You can tell she has a deep sadness from not getting the love she wants from her father but at the same time she knows not to show weakness around him either.

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