Glitterbomb The Fame Game #2 Review

Glitterbomb The Fame Game #2

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Colorist: K. Michael Russell

I was so glad to see this series return from Image Comics, and Jim Zub and his team have not disappointed. Although there is still that creepy element that lurks in this book, it is the relationship between Kaydon and her mother and the obstacles that come with fame that made issue #2 such a good book.

Jim Zub does a good job of exploring on how fame is straining the relationship between Kaydon and her mother.  Momma Klay is only doing what any good mother would do, and that is look out for her daughter, but Kaydon does not see it that way.  Kaydon only sees the dollar signs and the tweets that she has been getting since her friend murdered a bunch of celebrities.  Momma Klay is tired of her lying and gives Kaydon a two choices towards the end of the book, but it’s Kaydon’s choice, not her mother’s, that is going to have a ripple effect throughout the rest of this story.

People never think about the obstacles that come with being famous, and Kaydon is no different.  Why would she be?  She’s sixteen years old and doesn’t know any better, but the people around her do. The cameraman knows, her agent knows, and Chelsie Megs knew.  But, it hit Kaydon real hard at the end of this issue because she sees all the negative attention she has attracted on her social media, and it’s not pretty.

Zub, Morissette-Phan, and Russell have a real good story on their hands and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.  The first issue did a real good job of setting up the story and this issue does a nice job of moving the plot along. Djibril Morissette-Phan and K. Michael Russell are a fantastic duo on art and have yet to disappoint.  There are only two more issues left, so catch up if you need to because I’m sure the ending will be a gruesome one.

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