Wonder Woman #33 Review

Wonder Woman #33 is out this week with a flashback interlude titled “Times Past”. One could say this is the best issue of the Baby Darkseid Chronicles yet…now with 100% more GRAIL! Writer James Robinson has a new art team for his third installment  of Wonder Woman in a row. As a reader this is jarring for the overall flow of the arc, but it does work in this one story’s context.

The Review

First off, Wonder Woman is only seen in this tale via big screen TV. This is kinda cool in an artsy-fartsy way. However, I read Wonder Woman for the character carrying that title…NOT Grail and Darkseid who are the only real characters in this one. Grail narrates her activities caring for baby Darkseid and killing off the children of Zeus for their old God energy.

As this is a flashback and essentially an interlude getting us all caught up to why baby Darkseid and Grail are doing what they’re doing, the script is decent (is there a “Darkseid is…” reference to King’s Mister Miracle in here? – I say yes). The best scenes are where Grail feels like she is now the mother of Darkseid since she has to raise him from a baby. This is quite hilarious, both as a parent myself and as a fan of absurdist fiction. Yet, I can’t say this makes for a good Wonder Woman comic.

Once on the trail of Jason, Diana’s twin brother, Grail and

Darkseid have to fight off Task Force X’s “Atomic Knights,” which I personally don’t care much about, but it made for a fine action sequence. The final pages worth of seeking out Jason move the story along to right before the ending of last issue. Jason is on a boat about to go out to fish. Last issue Wonder Woman found her brother on his boat. Now we know Grail and Darkseid are there too. Surely a battle will soon arise, but Darkseid has cryptic “plans” for Jason. So really this can go anywhere and will not be resolved with simple punching.

Final Words

“Times Past” is the most interesting of the three Wonder Woman comics in this current Robinson written arc, but it is also an odd form of storytelling. The last issue was a patchwork quilt of ideas and settings and this is a flashback from the villains POV. I’m not engaged in this story at all. The art turns out to be the highlight and this is the best looking issue of the run yet. I know all these details must be adding up, but I feel the manner in which we learn the backstory of Diana and Jason, as well as the motivations of the “bad guys” are hindering this comic. What should be a must read title, instead is a muddled-read.

8 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff “Mr. Mom” Daily Wonder Woman #33 Written by: James Robinson Art by: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Romulo Farjardo Jr. Published by: DC Comics Release Date: October 25, 2017

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