Justice League of America #17 Review

What’s this about

The League has reached the ignition point of the quantum storms that has been destroying the Microverse. Now Aron Aut has revealed his true intentions of speeding up the destruction of the Microverse, putting the League and the rest of reality in danger.

The Review

Steve Orlando does his best writing to date in this ending to the Panic in the Microverse arc. He does a especially good job of character development with Ryan Choi. He shows boldness and ingenuity that really helps build his character up from that of a regular lab person. There is no long drawn out fight scenes or epic battle sequences here but that’s ok there really doesn’t need to be. The story is really about how a normal person can rise to the occasion when called upon. Oh and kudos to Mr. Orlando for the not so subtle Easter egg you dropped in there too (3 words, big blue hand). Its not an epic sweaping Crisis on Infinite Earths kinda story but it’s a good story nonetheless.

The art is done very well in this issue as well. Ivan Reis, Julio Ferreira, and Oclair Albert do a great job of portraying the characters with the right tones and colors just as they and every other artist have had in every issue in this arc.  I love that the different artists didn’t change up the theme in this arc. Its not dark or brooding but neither is it oh so bright and perky no it’s a healthy balance between the two and I like it a lot.

Final Words

It’s not a sweaping epic Crisis on Infinite Earths kind of story but it’s a good read nonetheless complimented by some great looking art.

7.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Matt Granberry Justice League of America #17 Written by Steve Orlando Art by: Joe PradoIvan Reis Published by DC Comics Release Date: 10/25/2017

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