Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31 Review

Robert Venditti once again delivers a really good book. This week we continue the Mind Games story. After reintroducing Sinestro himself and Parallax, Venditti takes us to the planet Krolotea where a race of little yellow gremlins are quick to please their master whom they call Engineer. Spoilers ahead…

What is this all about?

In this case, the Pupa is Hector Hammond. The big-headed-psycho-telepath. He has been telepathically calling out to his enemy, Hal Jordan for help. This is all being done because Hammond is somehow the key to the Engineer’s greatest weapon. What that is exactly, not sure.

At this point in the issue Hal Jordan and Superman bust through the wall to save the day. The gremlins activate the God Brain which sends Superman and Hal into a false manifestation of reality. We don’t get to see what Superman experiences in this delusion, but we get a short glimpse of Hal’s experience. Hal is in his home, Carole is there, and they are together as a couple, or husband and wife, that’s not made clear. Hal’s brother and wife are over with their two children. Chicken soup for dinner. It is a peaceful scene, serene, the perfect dream, and not a worry in the world. Hal kisses Carole. He also knows that this is all some false manifestation of the God Brain. He tells Carole “my Carole would say,” and she interrupts with “A life like this isn’t given to you. You have to go get it.” Hal says he loves her, and she says “then go get me.” If that doesn’t make you root for Hal and Carole getting back together then you have no soul!

Hal gets his ring to return him to reality where they gain the upper hand on the gremlins. Hammond reaches out with his mind and kills every one of them.

Later they have Hammond sedated and getting help.  Hal splits off from Superman and we see him in his street clothes, with flowers, at night, walking up to Carole’s front door. As he’s about to knock on her door he receives a call out from John Stewart to go to the Harvath System. So off he goes, Carole never knew he was there.

The review

Once again this was a great issue. I love Vendetti’s work on this title because he never fails to convey something completely enjoyable. The story was solid, the dialogue was excellent, and I especially liked towards the end of the issue when Superman and Hal have a moment of gravity. I won’t spoil that part, but it’s cool and it makes you think about who our heroes are that we read about every week.

I am still wondering about whatever happened to Parallax. We also know that the Sinestro story is not even close to being over. So I expect some cool things in issues to come.

As for the artwork. I hope Zircher and Wright never get taken off this title. Their art is incredible! The detail, the colors, it’s all perfect and logically follows the flow of the book. Pick this title up it’s definitely worth it.

More Info

Reviewed by: Justin Swenson Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31 Written by: Robert Venditti Art by: Patrick Zircher, Jason Wright Published by: DC Comics Release Date: October 25, 2017

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