Detective Comics #967 Review

The Story So Far

We have learned that Tim Drake is in fact not deceased. He is in the prison of Mr. Oz somewhere outside of time. Mr. Oz encourages Tim not to go back to the life that he so desperately wants to return to. After dismissing Oz’s words of inspiration, he hacks the technology of the prison and escaped only to find a future version of himself donning the cowl of Batman. In my reviews I have been calling the future Tim, Bat-Tim, and I will continue to do so. They also run into Doomsday, but they divert his attention elsewhere with a hologram of Superman and then Bat-Tim teleports both himself and “our Tim” back to Tim’s world. Bat-Tim speaks of someone named Connor. When Tim expresses confusion about who Connor is, Bat-Tim somehow realizes that the future is mutable, and he can save Tim from ever having to live this miserable existence as Batman. He stuns Tim and takes off in search of Kate Kane to kill her. Oh yeah, and he’s carrying around a modified version of the gun that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. Find out what happens this week in Detective Comics #967, spoilers ahead…

What is this all about?

We begin the issue with Bruce Wayne in the Batcave tirelessly looking for Tim Drake, who he recently learned was still alive. Recall that Ascalon told him back in issue 961 while he was holding Zatanna’s Gnosis Sphere and then disappeared. Just then, Alfred picks up a distress signal from… Gasp! Tim’s costume. The next page we see the Batmobile racing to the signal’s location which is at a hospital. Doctors are trying to resuscitate Tim and Bruce walks in saying “this is Tim, I’m Bruce his legal guardian, I own this hospital, get out.” It was so gangster. Bruce is a badass.

We then get to see Tim reunite with his team, except Stephanie is not there. She is still out there acting like a little child. I hope she shapes up soon, because she’s turning into a shitty character while she’s displaying such a weak character personality. So Tim brings the team up to speed on what’s happening and how Bat-Tim has a vendetta to kill Batwoman. Because Bat-Tim is so dangerous, they all lock Batwoman, with her permission I might add, in a protective cell for her own safety.

Bat-Tim also pays a creepy visit to Stephanie Brown. He whispers to her in the shadows and when she startlingly turns around, he’s gone.

Now for the juicy part. Bat-Tim visits Alfred. Alfred doesn’t realize it isn’t “our Tim” at first. The visit to me tugged at my heart a little bit. He is desperately seeking out Alfred for advice. He asks if there was something terrible that he could do to prevent ever becoming Batman, should he do it. He’s showing vulnerability to a man that he trusts so much. He’s searching for an answer to his problem, a problem that has haunted him for years. He’s about to make a desperate attempt to free himself from his pain, and he’s seeking the correct choice from a pure soul.

Just then our Bat-Family shows up. Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, Red Robin, and Batman. They are ready to stop Bat-Tim but not before he does something insane. He reactivates Brother Eye. For those of you who don’t know, Brother Eye is a semi-autonomous artificial intelligence surveillance system. Controller of the OMACS. Brother Eye is the one that broadcast Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord to the world during Infinite Crisis. It also infected millions of people with OMAC nanotech. Anyways, Brother Eye is bad news and I won’t get too into it here. If you haven’t read Infinite Crisis, or Final Crisis, then go read it. It was a fantastic time in DC Comics history.

The Review

I am overjoyed with how the return of Tim Drake is coming along and I really like how we got him back in a very direct way. There was no lollygagging around for 10 issues before we got him. Over the past three issues we dived straight back into the world of Tim Drake and I wouldn’t have it any other way and no better writer to give it to us than James Tynion IV. He is one heck of a writer. The narration of his work and the character dialogue fits so well together and is perfectly believable. The art is incredible as well. Martinez draws a killer book and the colors are perfect. The whole issue is filled with dark tones and shadows as expected from Detective Comics. But there are a few warm colored panels stuck in here and there when Tim is reuniting with his team. I love that because it lets us know that “yeah Tim is back, and this is good, but we’re not out of the woods yet.” Pick up this issue, it is excellent and definitely one I want in my collection.

9 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by: Justin Swenson Detective Comics #967 Written by: James Tynion IV Art by: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Tomeu Morey Published by: DC Comics Release Date: October 25, 2017

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