Batman #33 Review

Batman #33

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joelle Jones
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Tom King has been working with talented artists since he’s been on Batman, and that trend continues because Joelle Jones has joined the Bat Team.  Her work is nothing short of spectacular and her art work combined with Jordie Bellaire’s colors are what really made this a great issue, but Tom King still makes his usual great contribution as well.

Tom King really has a feel for the dynamic between all the Robins, Dick, and Duke. Duke may be the newest member to the Bat Family, but King makes him fit right in with the banter he has in this issue with Jason Todd and Damian. He continues to develop the great chemistry that Batman and Catwoman have. Whether it be the simple names they call each other, Batman calls her Cat, and Catwoman calls him Bat, the way they handle the guard at the cave, or the way the handle the death of a horse.  He does all things extremely while moving the plot along.

Joelle Jones does a stunning job in this issue and that is expected of her because she is a great talent. One of the best things she excels at is expressions on a character’s face.  This may not seem like a big deal, but when Alfred tells the Bat Family that Selina accepted Bruce’s proposal, the look on all of their faces, and the dog’s face too, is just priceless.  It was also nice to see an easter egg to Lady Killer as well because that was an amazing book she wrote and drew.

If this issue is any indication, Batman will continue to be a great book. The combination of King, Jones, and Bellaire will be something great. King has a great grasp on all of these characters and Jones/Bellaire combo will be killer. If you haven’t read Lady Killer, you need to rectify that mistake quickly. Joelle Jones crafted something great in that book and she is going to do the same here in Batman with Tom King.

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