Batman #33

A fresh start post-Bat/Cat engagement begins this week with a new arc from writer Tom
King, artist Joelle Jones, and colorist Jordie Bellaire. “The Rules of Engagement” finds Batman on the road again, but this time he’s got family issues to deal with instead of Gotham’s rogues gallery. Coming off the overly drawn out “War of Jokes and Riddles” this comic has me hopeful for a good Batman story because as of late Batman has been one of the most frustrating books to read in all of comicdom.

The Review

The first point of discussion has to be the art and color in this issue. Jones and Bellaire are amazing – BIG A – amazing. Personally, I’d become exhausted by Mikal Janin’s depiction of Batman and co. Though wonderful skill went in to Janin’s lines, the faces of Joker and Riddler caused my eyes to grown out loud! So this new art team is a welcome addition to the words of Tom King. Speaking of, this is a well-written issue too, I still loathe the “Bat/Cat” BS, but I will never like that…King obviously does. We differ I guess.
There are two settings that we bear witness to here. One is the desert, a place called Khadym, where Batman and Catwoman are seeking something or someone. The other is the Wayne Manor library where most of the “Robins” are hanging out. The dialog with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Duke Thomas, and Damian Wayne is the best part of the writing for me as a reader in this comic. Ace, the dog is pretty fun to have around and mentions of the bat-cow even make me smile. Alfred has taken it upon himself to tell the boys about Bruce and Selina. This doesn’t go that well, as ya might expect, but the eventual conclusion – which I wont spoil – makes a great deal of sense and especially Damian’s response I find to be interesting. He’s not the Damian of “Super Sons” or “Metal” yet he’s more real.
The desert scenes with Batman/Catwoman are a little less fun to read, but again, they
look fantastic. Batman takes Catwoman to a secret cave, which will seemingly alert the Justice League in no time and Batman doesn’t care a bit. He’s got “woman troubles” of a sort. He is bringing his current love to meet a previous love. The idea for all of this family or matters of the heart business isn’t the norm for Batman, but here we are. I REALLY DON’T WANT TO RUIN the last page reveal, but wow post orgy cliffhanger? Not what I saw coming!

Final Words

A new arc for Batman begins with family drama around the globe. The art is where this issue excels, but the story is widescreen in technicolor, and could go almost anywhere. After the let down of “Jokes and Riddles” this new Batman Betrothed plot has real potential.


More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff “Mr. Mom” Daily
Batman #33
Written by: Tom King
Art by: Joelle Jones, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles

DC Comics
Release Date: October 18, 2017

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