Titans #16 Review

What is this all about?

The Titans, having just lost Wally West in the last issue, continue to battle a possessed Psimon, Gnarrk, and Malcolm as well as a few other bad guys. All of this is to prevent a doorway being opened that apparently will let in a great evil, a evil that is supposedly a Titan that is destined to betray his or her teammates and cause all sorts of destruction and mayhem.

The Review

If I were to describe this issue with just one word that word would definitely be WOW! Dan Abnett does just an amazing job of storytelling in this issue. It’s full of plenty of drama and suspense that adds to the build up throughout the story. I love it when a writer keeps me on the edge of my reading chair with the feeling of I can’t wait to read the next panel but I’m also dreading the next panel because I’m scared yes scared to see what is coming next. Abnett does this in nearly every panel and man does it make for one great issue. I really love how he highlights how all of the Titans respond to death of Wally West, ( I hesitate in saying that cause we all know that death means nothing in comics). Lilith’s inner dialogue adds a depth to the story that really helps with keeping the reader a part of the story and not lost in all the action, which is awesome by the way. And of course the ending is one heck of a cliffhanger wrapped in a pretty little mystery bow that I guarantee will leave you counting down the seconds until next issue.

The art is a thing of beauty in this issue. Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse bravo gentlemen I tip my hat to you. The image of Wally in the first few pages punched me right in the face and it never let go even with all the action sequences and splash pages which were excellently done that Wally West first image will stay with you even after you’re done reading. Also I have to say Psimon is freaky in the best possible way of course. If you’re not impressed with the art of this issue you might need to check your pulse. Colors, details of the characters bodies, all things art wise are done just wonderful.

Final Words

Whether you’re a Titans fan or not this is a good issue and it is worth a read in fact it’s worth several reads.

9 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Matt Granberry Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Brett Booth Published by DC Release Date 10/18/2017

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