Shirtless Bear Fighter #5 Review

What is this all about?

Shirtless finally has his showdown confrontation with his brother Brother Bear and the evil Logger over the destiny of the forest and all the inhabitants of said forest.

The Review

BEAR PUNCH! BEAR KICK! These are just a few of the phrases and words that I will truly miss from this series. Not only the words and phrases but the outrageous and unforgettable characters as well. I’ll admit I was skeptical when I first read this series but I am proud to say I am Shirtless Bear Fighter fan. The story is great yet again, chalked full of humor and just a dash of drama and emotion to give a great ending to this entertaining saga. Oh there are plenty of great moments throughout this book, (powerbomb by a bear it was awesome), but besides being a series where you didn’t have to think and analyze every single panel and what did this character mean when they said this and so on Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner just give a great comic book series period. My hope is they continue the adventures of this rugged bear fighter who wears no shirt (or pants half the time) in the very near future.

Nil Vendrell and Mike Spicer do a wonderful job on the art as well. Just simple straight ahead good art that really, really compliments the story extremely well again. I don’t think any other artist (no offense) could have done the characters of this series justice other than these two. Again as with the story team, I hope these two artists are brought back on a future collaboration of shirtless bear fighting wild man stories. We can only hope.

Final Words

In case you didn’t catch the pattern I was going for I really hope these characters come back but in the mean time take a break from superheroes and what not and enjoy this fine piece of its so ridiculous it’s good fun.

8 / 10

More Info

Shirtless Bear Fighter #5 Reviewed by Matt Granberry Writers: Jody Leheup & Sebastian Girner Artists: Nil Vendrell & Mike Spicer Published by Image Comics Release date 10/18/2017

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