Trinity #14 Review


What is this all about?

This is part three of the story arc Dark Destiny in where we find Batman and Wonder Woman fighting against a group of possessed demonic superheroes which include none other than Superman himself along with Bizarro and Red Hood. Circe, still holding Constantine and Zatanna at the Pandora Pits, plots to get our beloved Trinity to be sacrificed in order to regain soul from a hell she sold it to centuries ago.

The Review

I really like this story so far. Its not a big story arc that will determine the fate of the entire DC universe or anything like that but its still very entertaining and fun to read. Rob Williams does a great job of highlighting the characteristics of all the players in this story. They all stand on their own quite well, but they contribute to they story as a whole as well. Some of the clever dialogue that Williams works into this story focuses on Batman and Red Hood. The dialogue talks about nightmares and how Bruce belongs to the darkness. I don’t know if Williams is doing a nod to the Metal event in DC or he’s just one good writer that knows Jason can cut to Batman’s heart very quickly. Either way I’m entertained. I really love the interaction between Constantine and Circe. John is in a state in this section of the story that he’s not familiar with. He doesn’t have a trick up his sleeve he can use. Its nice to see that vulnerability in him that he tries to hide all the time. The story keeps a nice even flow to it where it’s not just flying all over the place trying to find the right angle to tell, no it’s straightforward and to the point. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

I also like the art in this story very much as well. V Ken Marion does a great job on not only the Trinity but on every character in this story. On and let me just say how he presents Zatanna in one panel oh well done sir very well done. His offering of a demon Superman and a demon Bizarro is nothing less than gruesome, in the best possible way of course. Sandu Florea and Dini Ribeiro do excellent job as on colors and inks to compliment Marion’s pencil skills. The colors are the classic Trinity colors we all know and love and they pop and jump off the page brilliantly. Backgrounds and the tones used are just beautiful and really enhance the story very much.

Final Words

All in all this is still a great story arc to read and it seems to be getting better with each issue so if I were you I wouldn’t miss out on any more Trinity.

8 / 10

More Info

Trinity #14 Reviewed by Matt Granberry Writer: Rob Williams Artist: V Ken Marion Published by DC Release date 10/18/2017

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