Harley Quinn #30 Review

What is this all about?Last time, Harley fell victim to the Scarecrow’s fear gas, which made her freak out in the middle of a mayoral debate. As we learn in the beginning of this issue, her freak out did not hurt her chances at becoming mayor in the slightest. In fact, her approval ratings went up after the incident. So everything should be smooth sailings from here on out? Well, not quite. Here’s out review for the newest Harley Quinn issue.

The Review

Since everything seems to be OK after the debate incident, Harley sets out on her next project: beautifying New York City. With the help of Poison Ivy, Harley wastes no time making NYC a prettier place for all residents to enjoy. Although some New Yorkers seem to be made at the fresh foliage, it seems to be a positive step in the right direction for Harley’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Mayor DePerto meets with Scarecrow for a heated discussion about whether Dr. Crane deserves to get paid, seeing as how his gas did not hurt Harley in the polls. Crane is obviously of the opinion he deserves some compensation, and he showcases his strength on a couple of DePerto’s goons. This leads into my favorite scene of the whole issue.

Crane uses the fear gas to make DePerto experience his worst fear. It should come to a shock to no one that a politician’s greatest fear is a raise on income taxes for individuals who make more than a million dollars annually. And even worse: the extra government funds will go towards (gasp) giving people who earn minimum wage a raise in salary. I just thought it was so great and clever to have this scene rather than make DePerto freak out over seeing demons or clowns.

Back to Harley: she has a very romantic scene with Mason, her new boy toy. But it seems he may be more than someone for Harley to knock boots with between debates. Afterward, Mason has a cryptic conversation with his mother, so perhaps he isn’t quite the boyfriend material Harley is looking for.

The issue ends with a bombshell announcement that Harley Quinn is dropping out of the race. Before the announcement, Madison shows her a video. We may not see what it is, but considering the fact Mason was kidnapped by DePerto’s goons in the previous scene, it can’t be good.

Final Words

Harley’s political arc is a lot of fun. Going forward, I would love to see more satirical scenes like DePerto’s worst nightmare in this issue. I was actually more captivated by that scene than all the action beats with Poison Ivy green-ing the city. This issue had a lot to juggle between DePerto, Harley making the city a better place, and the new romantic subplot. I hope they can keep the momentum going.

9 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by: Mike Bedard Harley Quinn #30 Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner Art by: John Timms Published by: DC Comics Release Date: 10/18/17

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