Green Arrow #33 Review

What is this all about?

Oliver Queen, framed for murder. Left star city looking to stop the 9th circle. A bank that secretly funds criminals. Oliver has returned from his cross country trip. Ready to save the city he loves.

The Review

The issue starts with Green Arrow and Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) stopping a giant tree from being cut down, along with it a man chained to the tree. Oliver finally meets up with Dinah again, he takes the time to finally tell her, I love you.

In Japan, we see Shado fight off some of the 9th circles ninjas. As a servant of the circle, she is tasked with killing Moira Queen. Emiko goes and meets with Oliver’s lawyer and lets her know he’s back.

Oliver meets with his lawyer to prepare for his trial. He states he’s here for good and is willing to accept the answer. Right as the issue comes to an end, someone from his past shows up. Some one thought to be dead.

Final Words

This issue is a a slow down after the gotham resistance tie in. It’s a fantastic narrative that shows the reader that Oliver Queen isn’t some punk kid. He has people who rely on him and he has his support structure. I’m very curious how the trial will go! The art is fantastic and the story is solid!

7.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Eric Butler Green Arrow #33 Written by Benjamin percy Art by: Jamal Campbell Published by DC Comics Release Date: 10/18/2017

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